Anjali Krishna

Anjali Krishna

B.A. (Eng Lit Hons.), B.Ed.


Anjali Akka teaches English and takes Culture classes. She also assists students with the library, the book club, the junior assembly, and the weekend folk dances. At Sahyadri she has also edited publications, done house-parenting, conducted tree walks, and taught Yoga. She is interested in engaging closely with young people and with nature.


For Anjali Akka, morning walks along the parikrama have been full of surprises – encounters with a deer, peacocks, red spur fowl, ibises, the black-headed cuckoo shrike, the orange-headed thrush, and so much more! Walks on Python hill also bring her fresh insights, and have inspired a few poems.


Anjali Akka loves reading from ‘ J. Krishnamurti. Her favourite quotes from Think on These Things’ –

‘…if you can just observe what you are and move with it, then you will find that it is possible to go infinitely far. Then there is no end to the journey, and that is the mystery, the beauty of it.’

‘…it seems to me that the function of education is to bring about a release of energy in the pursuit of goodness, truth, or God, which in turn makes the individual a true human being and therefore the right kind of citizen… As a river creates the banks which hold it, so the energy which seeks truth creates its own discipline without any form of imposition, and as the river finds the sea, so that energy finds its own freedom.’