Himanshu Kashelani

Bachelor of business administration, Diploma in football

Himanshu is a Sports Teacher as well as an adventure expert cum enthusiast. He is greatly inspired by the Nature in and around Sahyadri as well as the philosophy attached with the school, and the quality of interaction with the teachers and children.

For Himanshu, the playing fields (all of them) are always special where he loves to run in lush green fields where the morning and evening rays falling on the trees around it create a magical atmosphere. His other favourite places on the campus include the Python hill, parikrama, bamboo hut and the library top.

Himanshu believes that you can inspire others not by words but through actions, and relates this with J Krishnamurthi’s saying that you just “do it” when he was asked ‘how do you learn to do something’.

He also believes every child should have the opportunity not only to participate in sports and related activities but also excel in it. Once they see how incorporating sports in their regular lifestyles affects their mind and body, only then truly understand the benefits of it.