Nishtha Bhuptani

A freshly minted graduate from Azim Premji University, I completed my BA.Hons in Humanities in 2023. With an enthusiastic and zealous spirit I joined Sahyadri to be an English teacher.

The Krishnamurti school of thought has always caught me in awe for its strive towards fearless and sensitive learning. Joining Sahyadri has instilled in me an understanding of community life especially in the bounty of nature. It has given me the space to inquire, experiment and explore dimensions of my inner world and understand the complex tapestry of human consciousness. Sahyadri to me is a gift, it has fostered my vigor while making space for patience and slowness.

Narrating and listening to stories with children here has refreshed in me, a gibberish wonder that childhood so generously offers. The rustling of the leaves, chuckling with children and the music assemblies are a few of my many favourite bits, I have here at Sahyadri.

When caught in a crabby mood, one might find me walking down the Tiwai hill or reading a book at the Python hill and contemplating in the company of a picturesque Sahyadri sunset.