Priyadharshni E

MSc.Ed Mathematics from Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru, NCERT.

Currently pursuing PhD in Science Education from Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai.

I believe that Sahyadri is a place where both teachers and students can be learners, where we learn together and from each other. Classrooms alone might not reveal the true nature of the child, a child might enjoy sports, music or just strolling around. Sharing these spaces and interacting with the children in these spaces allows me to form a true connection with them. Sahyadri allows me to explore my thoughts and myself. I feel so connected to nature being here, as it is here I have truly observed the birds and trees.

The sunsets here never cease to surprise me with the kind of colours that spread the sky, it could be anything from yellow and orange to pink and purple. I enjoy sitting on the python hill looking at this and hearing the birds.