Sadanand M. Gulwadi

Sadanand Gulwadi


Sadanand is a Physics teacher in the senior school and an organizer of Tinker Shed activities, with additional interests in on-campus farming activities as well as the study of sustainable affordable construction with locally sourced materials.

He loves how academics at Sahyadri is addressed from the standpoint of understanding and experiencing life within and around us. Besides developing capabilities and skills from the point of view of earning a living, students and staff alike can go about academics in a way that lets them naturally explore within and without, possibly endowing themselves with the rare chance to figure out who they are and their purpose in life.

He enjoys the peace and solitude at the Krishnamurti Study Centre and its surroundings where he finds a sense of togetherness to ponder over life’s many riddles in quiet contemplation.

He believes “Nature is the best teacher”.