Academic Program

Junior School

In Junior School (classes 4 to 6), enquiry, reflection and creative expression are encouraged through the curriculum as well as through projects, field-visits, camps, nature-study, drama, story-telling and writing.

Middle School

In Middle School (classes 7 and 8), children are encouraged to participate in dialogue through open houses as well as through class and house meetings in an attempt to understand the whole process of growing up even as they begin to mature in their social and communication skills. Learning is encouraged through excursions, workshops, outdoor activities and craftwork.

Senior School

Senior School (classes 9 & 10) brings a climate of greater freedom as well as responsibility. The quality of dialogue deepens with students taking initiative in planning and organizing school events. Students are prepared for Class 10 examinations conducted by the ICSE Board (Indian Council for Secondary Education), New Delhi with mandated as well as optional subjects.

Senior Secondary School

In Senior Secondary School (classes 11 and 12), in addition to a deepening of academic engagement, emphasis is placed on self-reflection and on understanding issues in the contemporary world – issues which spring from our impulses and our unexamined assumptions. A 10-day long excursion conducted during class 11 exposes students to traditional Indian craft and to work in the field of environment and conservation. Students write the class 12 examinations conducted by the CISCE, taking four optional subjects and English (a compulsory subject).

Faculty & Staff

Contemporary life is deeply influenced by rapid technological progress as well as environmental and social crises. Faced with unpredictable change and insecurity, the young generation is easily influenced by materialistic values and the moral degradation of our times. Our teaching faculty and support staff are handpicked post an intensive screening that not just affirms their expertise in the academic subject that they would help learn, but also sensitise and awaken the students to the life lessons they would learn along the way. To phrase it in another way, the teachers don’t simply ‘teach’ but help the children learn and explore their world, while discovering themselves. They are friends, mentors, confidantes, house parents and more. Our support staff too, tune in to the ethos of the school and of Krishnamuti’s vision – freedom from fear and values of compassion and empathy in relationships, and extend camaraderie and caring.

School Calendar

School life at Sahyadri is a balance of rooted rhythm and some surprises to keep life interesting for everyone on the campus. From everyday routines to special day celebrations, to seminars and explorations, the school year seeks to look at academic and meaningful explorations of life.