Environment & Technology

Every Krishnamurti School is committed to conserving the natural resources in and around its premises. Sahyadri School with its abundance of natural resources runs multiple programmes towards its impact on campus ecology. This includes understanding right relationship in utilisation of various techniques and resources while making of structures at School, conservation of water and waste using appropriate technologies, generation of power through renewable source, monitoring systems for data analytics towards better awareness of resource consumption. The approach creates learning opportunities for students and staff towards greater awareness of nature and environment.

Environment friendly infrastructure

The school’s built in program envisages environment friendly designs based on vernacular architecture vocabulary. Usage of natural resources stone, adobe, mud bricks, bamboo and wood along with local artisans is explored to create conducive learning environment aligned with the beautiful surroundings of the School. Student learning in natural building processes is incorporated through active participation and engagement through experiential projects.

Liquid Waste Recycle with Solid Immobilized Bio Filter

The School has two Wastewater Recycling plants using Root Zone technology and Solid Immobilised Bio Filter system. The kitchen wastewater plant with a capacity of 5000 litres per day is used for banana plantation and gardening. The Solid Immobilised Bio-Filter (SIBF) plant of 40,000 litres per day capacity treats both grey and black water and is used for plantation, gardening and farming purposes.School has a running program in developing appropriate strategies for water conservation and recycling, water balance, rainwater harvesting, and other measures to ensure sustainable water security.

Grid Connected Solar Power Project

Location of school in rural area brings in challenges of consistent supply. School has 133 KVA Solar Power plant which meets the power requirements of the School. This is backed by 3 phase 11 KVA Express feeder line to meet its energy requirement. Two diesel generators in standby mode for emergency supplies are available round the clock.

Campus Online Energy Monitoring System


An extensive online energy monitoring system exists on the school campus to monitor energy generation, distribution and consumption. It is utilised by the residents and students to increase awareness on energy consumption on a regular basis.