Every Krishnamurti Foundation School is encouraged to develop their own outreach programme that’s thoughtfully woven into the needs of the surroundings and available resources in terms of manpower and infrastructure. Sahyadri School had been engaging with the neighbouring rural communities by way of teacher and student interactions with village schools, holding medical camps, sponsoring farmer training in organic / natural farming practices and field visits to model farms. However, with new faculty members who are passionate about environmental management and volunteering opportunities with tribal farmer groups for native seeds conservation, today, Sahaydri School helps facilitate livelihood creation that is in sync with the natural environment. This also happens to be in line with the school’s founding memorandum and the overall intent of environmental conservation.

Human Ecology

Sahyadri School’s unique location amidst a reserve forest zone on a hilltop surrounded by tropical forest on all its sides providing a unique natural protection and remoteness -diversity around in many substantial ways. This lends itself to a variety of initiatives in areas of Bio- Diversity, Hydro-Geology and Agro-Ecology by the School to engage with the surroundings.

Environment and Technology

Every Krishnamurti School is committed to conserving the natural resources in and around its premises. Sahyadri School with its abundance of natural resources runs multiple programmes towards its impact on ecology. Solid and Liquid waste management, Renewable energy utilisation, Water Conservation, Soil revitalisation, online monitoring systems and Environment friendly buildings are few of active programs in the School.

Community Outreach

Rural Outreach Program is now in its fifth year. School has initiated programs related to conservation of traditional seeds of rice, millets and vegetables, promotion of organic farming, capacity building of locally setup Bhimashankar Farmer Producer Company to supply school dining hall grains requirement etc. The program needs support towards capacity building, conduct of workshops for farming community and in other areas such as health, hygiene and education.

Master Planning For A Sustainable Environment

Established in 1994, the Sahyadri School is spread over 70 acres of land on a scenic hill top. Every single day since it was envisaged and build, the School has tried to imbibe Krishnamurti’s teachings into its everyday existence and continual evolution of integrating learning with the spirit of inquiry and coexistence with the surroundings . As the School grows and evolves, a master planning exercise is envisaged for this already running school to look at the campus with a fresh perspective and to generate a better understanding of the surrounding ecosystem.