Krishnamurti Study Centre Sahyadri

Located in the picturesque valley of the Bhima River, the Krishnamurti Study Centre Sahyadri is an integral part of the Sahyadri Education Centre of Krishnamurti Foundation India. It is built on a hilltop plateau of the Tiwai hill, 25 km as the bird flies from Bhima Shankar — the source of the Bhima River, in a remote hamlet in interior Maharashtra.

A winding road takes one up to the Study Centre. In the distances are the Sahyadri Mountain ranges. The landscape and the climate make for an ideal place for a retreat and an inward exploration.

The Study Centre has well-furnished cottages for visitors to stay. There is a separate dining hall where one can take quiet meals.

The main Study Centre building has a unique architectural design. Shaped like a twelve-petal lotus, the building exudes serenity and a special atmosphere. A spacious hall of twelve sides surrounded by a wide veranda on all sides is an ideal location for deep study. The hall serves as the main library, audio-video viewing and sitting in silence.

The library contains books of Krishnamurti and audio-videotapes of his talks. There is a facility for visitors to hear audiotapes and view videotapes of Krishnamurti’s talks and discussions.

Stay at The Study Centre

The Study Centre has ten cottages and two rooms for visitors, having a maximum capacity of housing twenty six persons at a time. The cottages are moderately furnished with attached washrooms fitted with electric geysers for hot water.

Wholesome and pure vegetarian meals are served at breakfast, lunch, tiffin and dinner.

There is no fixed routine. One may spend time watching the surrounding hills, the still waters of the river Bhima or listen to the sound of the wind blowing over the hills, as one may also watch the stream of thought nonverbally or listen to Krishnamurti’s talks and writings and hold informal discussions with others.

To maintain the ethos and the atmosphere of the place, smoking, alcoholic drinks, non-vegetarian food items and narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited on the campus.


The Krishnamurti Study Centre Sahyadri is situated on a plateau on the top of a hill about 70 km away from the city of Pune, off Pune-Nasik Road, in the Bhima River Valley.

The campus, which is common to both the Sahyadri School and the Study Centre is 26 km from Rajgurunagar (Khed) off the Pune-Nasik Road. Rajgurunagar is connected by buses, taxis and other means of public transport to and from Pune which is linked by air directly to Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and other cities. Pune is also linked to all the major cities of India by railway.

When you come to Rajgurunagar, follow the road to the village called Wada. The Krishnamurti Study Centre is about 4 km before Wada and is located on the top of Tiwai Hill 1 KM after the villege Gundalwadi. Signposts for the Sahyadri School have been put at two locations along this road.

Arrangements for pick-up from Pune or Rajgurunagar can be made for the visitors on payment and with sufficient advance notice.

Except for mid-April to mid-June and sometimes October, climate at Sahyadri is moderate with day temperatures around 30°c. During summer the day temperatures could be around 38°C. A good breeze turning sometimes into strong winds always keeps blowing. It is therefore advisable to keep one or two light warm clothes handy during your stay at the Study Centre.

Reservations & Tariff

As the accommodation is limited at the Study Centre, it is necessary to book it at least a month in advance for weekend bookings. The period of stay is initially limited to three nights extendable to five days/nights. For reserving your stay at the Study Centre please contact the In-Charge, Krishnamurti Study Centre Sahyadri.

The charges for stay at the Study Centre are Rs. 900/- per day per person and Rs. 750/- for twin sharing occupancy for persons earning in India and US $25/- and US $20/- per day per person for those earning abroad. Concessions can be made for persons who are unable to pay the charges at the usual rate. The charges cover only lodging and boarding.

Books, audios and videos of Krishnamurti are available for sale.

Visitors are welcome to make donations.

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