Sahyadri School


The school, while not encouraging competition in the form currently accepted by society, endeavours to create an atmosphere where students can excel. An expectation of courtesy, kindness, and mutual respect helps to create an atmosphere where students can take the initiative required for active learning. Classes are designed to create close interaction and participation. This contrasts with the vast outdoors where the children explore their surroundings amidst trees, mountains and water-bodies; and learn to connect with nature. A well-stocked library ensures adequate opportunity for reading, while well-equipped laboratories, computer facilities and audio-visual equipment and a unique tinker-shed, further enrich learning. The students also become acquainted with traditional arts, craft, music and dance. To more, click to return to the main page.

Academic Program

During the nine-year programme, starting from class 4, the students learn closely with their teachers and with each other, to become proficient in subjects in meeting the needs of an ISC exam at the end of class 12. The entire academic programme is structured to accommodate Junior School (classes 4 to 6), Middle School (classes 7 and 8), Senior School (classes 9 & 10) and Senior Secondary School (classes 11 and 12).

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Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics at School provides an enriching space within the school for students to explore life in the community through various interactive relationships outside the classrooms. Students get opportunity to explore their selves through Arts, Music, Dance, Tinkering, Farming, Excursions, Interaction with rural communities etc.

Student Life

Over the years, several ‘festivals’ and ‘clubs’ have been created and nurtured at Sahyadri School, linked to the academic disciplines have been held in school with the intention of taking learning beyond the classroom. These not just enliven the climate of learning in the school but also serve as seedbeds for innovative ideas and a great opportunity for colleagues and students to experience a kind of free-spirited working together in a creative adventure!


The Maths Fest and the Science Fest, The Art Fest, The Lit Fest and the Bhasha (Language) Fest, The Farm Fest, Fusion Fest are


Math Club, Theatre Club, Astronomy Club, Physics Club, Adventure Club, Nature Club, Book Tasting Club, Money Matters, Language Club, Film Club, Philosophy Club, Writers’ Bloc, Sketching Club