Milind More

BTech, MTech

Milind has been at Sahyadri for last seven years and since has been part of administration, finance, infrastructure and outreach program of the school. His tryst with K teachings began with a documentary on K named ‘ A Seer Who Walks Alone’ in 1986. He did his engineering and post graduation in Mechanical/ Marine areas and served in the Indian Navy as a Submariner for close to two decades followed by a stint with the engineering industry. His learning as a parent of Rishi Valley School and interest in K’s teachings led him to Sahyadri School. Apart from his primary role as an administrator and steering the infrastructural developments, he has been interested with ‘hands on learning’ in the tinker shed, teaching of science and cultural activities at school. His other interests have also led him to connect the dots in School areas related to energy, bio-diversity, hydro-geology, agro-ecology, water and waste management and assisting in rural outreach.

He spends his time learning about observation and exploring silence amidst the natural and beautiful surroundings of Sahyadri. Python Hill, Study Center view of lake, farm areas, Parikrama are some of his frequented paths on the campus.