Krishnamurti Study Centre Sahyadri

Study Workshop

The Krishnamurti Study Center Sahyadri, KFI is situated on a beautiful hilltop overlooking the Bhima River – is pleased to announce Self-Study Retreat in the month of December 2022. We cordially invite you to participate.

The intention of this Self Study Retreat is to come together to enquire, to observe, and understand oneself; the things, the people, the ideas, and the world around us.

Theme: ‘Thought and Disorder’

“While there is a movement of Thought as time and so on, evil and misery will go on. That is a tremendous revelation to me, when you state that. Because to me, Thought has been tremendously important. I function in that.It is very revolutionary, a tremendous revelation. And I stop there.

Krishnamurti in dialogue with David Bohm

The study-material used for the retreats will be based on the teachings of J Krishnamurti. The format includes screening of selected videos of talks / dialogues; group discussions and reading together the study-material, having a conversation as friends about human predicament and the way we live.

A maximum of 10/12 participants will join a retreat, registered strictly on the first come first serve basis.

Retreat Schedule

December 2nd to 7th, 2022On December 2nd (before *5:00 pm)On December 7th (before 10:00 am)

* On the day of arrival, we request that you come to the campus as early as possible, to familiarize yourself with the campus, with people and get comfortable before the beginning of the retreat.

Online Registration and Payment

Please fill up the form accessible via link given below. Please describe in brief your exposure to and interest in the teachings of J Krishnamurti / inquiring into the fundamental questions of life (last section in the form provided).

Participation fee for Indian citizens is INR 4,000/- per person (for foreigners and Indians living abroad, the fee is USD $150 or equivalent) fees include food and accommodation.

Payment for the programme should be made by direct credit to the bank account given and to be notified to us by email with the receipt.

A/C NUMBER: 07461110000038


On the arrival and departure days – a couple of vehicles from Pune Railway St. / Airport to Sahyadri School campus can be arranged for an additional charge, that can be shared by the availing participants. Once registered you will be added to a temporary Whatsapp group where further coordination can happen. For any other queries you may contact us as per details given below.

Contact Details
Phone+91- 02135 228 092 (between 09:00 am – 5:00 pm)
+91-720 828 6339   (between 09:00 am – 5:00 pm)

You may pass on this announcement to anyone who may be keenly interested in the self-study retreat.