Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth J

MA. B.Ed, T.T.C., and BEC Vantage

Elizabeth  is an English teacher in the senior school. She is also the coordinator of classes 9 and 10 and a member of the excursion committee which plans and organizes the school excursions.

For her, Sahyadri extends ample opportunity to relearn and unlearn humbly and graciously. Everyone in the community is a teacher in the school of life.

Her favourite place on the campus is the Python hill overlooking the enigmatic Bhima river. The quietude of the place and the unruffled repose it offers is second to none. Learning in the curious school of nature and living in its lap is indeed rejuvenating.

A refrain from an old hymn brings Elizabeth Akka much joy and inspiration –
“Bloom, bloom, bloom where you are planted, you will find your way.
Bloom, bloom, bloom where you are planted, you will have your day.”