Shailesh Shirali

Shailesh Shirali. B.Sc. Physics Honours, Delhi University; MBA, IIM, Ahmedabad; PhD, University of Texas at Dallas.

Shailesh is currently serving as the Director of Sahyadri School. He was born in Karnataka, but grew up in Delhi as his father worked in the central government. After his early schooling and college education in Delhi, he moved to Ahmedabad, and then spent a few years in North America. When he moved back to India, he joined Rishi Valley School in mid-1983 and has been with the Krishnamurti schools since then, except for a brief period from mid-2005 till late 2007.

Shailesh has always been inspired by the religious and educational teachings of J Krishnamurti. It is these teachings which continue to keep him in the KFI schools, Sahyadri school included. He also has a deep interest in mathematics and mathematics education.

He finds Python Hill is a special place; so is the “Culture Hut “. But most of all, he loves looking at the trees and the green leaves and the birds in them, and at the blue sky through the leaves.