A temporary Fix By Nikita Shinde

A temporary fix – By Nikita Shinde

A temporary fix,
it’s a very sad phrase
but it’s something we all do, don’t we?
most of all escape reality?
don’t we all want to fall
down the rabbit hole,
reach wonderland
and forget actuality?
oh there are so many things,
one can do to pretend as if
he fell into the lair!
Some choose to
inebriate themselves,
some get delirious on hallucinogens.
There are those who read
to hours on end!
There are those who write
and some who express their ways
in an artistic approach.
some listen to music,
drown in the loudness of it.
some travel the world
of dreaming in their deep sleep.
there are a few who stare at walls,
or maybe into their own souls?
you never know;
in the end, doesn’t death await us all?