Month: August 2020

Sadanand M. Gulwadi

Sadanand Gulwadi

Ph.D. Sadanand is a Physics teacher in the senior school and an organizer of Tinker Shed activities, with additional interests in on-campus farming activities as well as the study of sustainable affordable construction with locally sourced materials. He loves how academics at Sahyadri is addressed from the standpoint of understanding and experiencing life within and …

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Sudesh Shendage

Sudesh Shendage

Master in Arts ( Geography) Sudesh loves his time in Sahyadri School where he loves the freedom to teach and learn in an environment that resembles a large family, particularly the unique bond teachers share with the students. He also believes in Krishnamuthi’s teachings – “The More you know yourself, the more clarity there is. …

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Jolsy Thomas

Jolsy Thomas

MSc, Bed, PGT Chemistry   Jolsy Akka is the Class Teacher for Class X B.   She is inspired by Oscar Wilde who famously quoted; ” Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth learning can be taught” .   She believes that …

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Shrinidhi Mahishi

Shrinidhi Mahishi

BS-MS IISER Pune Shrinidhi is a Biology and Environmental Science teacher at Sahyadri School. He believes; the role of a teacher is to create an enabling environment in the classroom that is conducive to independent as well as group learning. For that to happen, the school needs to create such an environment for the teacher …

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R. Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar

M.Sc, B.Ed. Arun teaches Maths and Science. He is a House Parent for senior boys and also a coordinator for middle school. He enjoys the challenge that comes with living in a small educational community with a group of adults and children who come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. He finds the …

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Amresh Kumar

Amresh Kumar

MPhil (Philosophy) Amresh teaches English, Physics and often conducts Culture Classes. He is inspired by the fact that, every activity in school, strives to continually awaken the intelligence of students by nurturing in them a feeling for the vitality of life and by encouraging them to ask good questions. Amresh spends a lot of time …

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Lakshman Telang

M.A.,B.Ed, Sangeet Prabhakar.Lit Hons.), B.Ed. Lakshman teaches Hindi and Tabla at Sahyadri School.He is inspirited by the incredible relationship between the students and teachers as well as the unique learning environment free from the concept of reward, punishment and thoughtless competition. While Lakshman finds the surrounding nature inspiring, he is immensely motivated by the senior …

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Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth J

MA. B.Ed, T.T.C., and BEC Vantage Elizabeth  is an English teacher in the senior school. She is also the coordinator of classes 9 and 10 and a member of the excursion committee which plans and organizes the school excursions. For her, Sahyadri extends ample opportunity to relearn and unlearn humbly and graciously. Everyone in the …

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Reena Sahu

Reena Sahu

M.Sc in Environment Science (Pune), Education centre of Bombay Natural History society(BNHS) Reena joined Sahyadri school in 2006 as an Environment Education teacher. In her first few years she taught the senior school and now she is with the little ones, and she continues to be part of the Land care team. It has been …

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Anjali Krishna

Anjali Krishna

B.A. (Eng Lit Hons.), B.Ed.   Anjali Akka teaches English and takes Culture classes. She also assists students with the library, the book club, the junior assembly, and the weekend folk dances. At Sahyadri she has also edited publications, done house-parenting, conducted tree walks, and taught Yoga. She is interested in engaging closely with young …

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