S. Chandrasekar

S. Chandrasekar, also known as Chandru, is deeply aligned with K’s teachings, which emphasize developing students into holistic individuals at peace with their inner selves, society, and nature. This understanding aids him in fostering self-awareness and grounding, facilitating a collective journey of growth and self-discovery.

An alumnus of Teach for India, taught full-time for three years at a private school in Ahmedabad. Following this, he spent four years as a homeroom teacher, also sharing leadership responsibilities, at The Riverside School in Ahmedabad. His commitment to education continued with a year-long role as an associate in the content design team at Pratham in New Delhi.

His academic pursuits include being selected for the Summer Research Fellowship Programme at the Indian Academy of Sciences in Bangalore. He holds a postgraduate degree in Physics from Madurai Kamaraj University.

He has a deep interest in Math education and also finds joy in cultivating plants, creating visual artworks, practicing guided meditation, and engaging in reading and meaningful conversation with others.