Sarat Chandra

Msc ( Environmental Sciences).

In the past I have worked in the fields of Wildlife Conservation and Snakebite awareness programs in Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh. For the last one and half years I had practiced Natural farming and Food Forest development.

During my work with the tribal and Fisherman communities on various awareness programs I have realized that people have lost the true emotional connection with nature and we started seeing nature just as a resource for our various needs. I realized that change can only happen from childhood, this is what inspires me to be in Sahyadri school, here education system is not just about information, it’s about inculcating values of life, awareness about having love and caring towards nature and fellow human beings. Sahyadri gives me an opportunity to learn more about the environmental and societal complexities and share the same with the children.

If one can carefully observe we could see life and greenery flourishing in every Nook and corner of Sahyadri. It’s just the whole campus that motivates you to learn and watching Sunset from Python hill on the bank of Bheema river relaxes one’s soul.

A quote that truly inspires me to be in the educational field is an Ancient Egyptian Proverb – True Teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge ; It is an awakening of consciousness which goes through successive stages.