Sharad Chawade

Sharad completed his Masters in Physical Education in 2006. He believes that sports is the medicine to deal with stress without affecting the mental and physical health. Healthy school environment help students achieve their academic potential and support the development of life-long healthy habits. He feels that Sahyadri children learn this without any burden and fear where the school’s environment plays a vital role in their all-round development. School culture which is noncompetitive activities are really helpful for all.

He is involved in providing students relevant information on sport and physical education and would like to create more new opportunities of training, sports and games which can help students to learn, have fun and fitness. As well as some interschool friendly matches which can help students to explore their learning and share different experiences with new faces. This way the students will get a good platform for their social learning and help them to improve and understand the outside world.

Sahyadri offers him a platform to experience things which he has never experienced before. Freedom to do work,creativity and address new things for benefits of the students’ learning are aspects which he cherishes the most.

He enjoys the early morning walk around the campus, morning PT and Sports time which really helps him to be fresh, energetic and fit for a day. He feels that the nature, culture and philosophy of sahyadri has given him a big opportunity to learn many things and explore himself.