Sahyadri Medical work under progress

A brief on the Medical Unit on the campus

A ventilated Medical unit is placed in natural environment on school campus

  • It has an outpatient facility as well as indoor facility.
  • Routine check up of students for day to day aliments of sports injury and seasonal complaints is done regularly.
  • Emergency services are available 24 hours.
  • Two resident doctors are available in campus .
  • Trained nursing staff is available on campus .
  • Specific consultations are referred to specialist in Pune n Rajgurunagar.
  • Equipped with basic emergency medical facility like monitors  , ECG MACHINE ,Automated external defibrillator for high risk cases.
  • Basic life support training has been given to staff,supporting staff and school leaving batches of students.
  • Awareness programs on healthy life style as well as preventive medicine are being conducted for students,staff and workers.
  • Upcoming Nutritional program planning regarding Nutritional values of different food and calorie counting of individual is under progress.
  • Growth assessment of children by regular check up of height weight /BMI is in action .
  • It is planned to extend our services in community in form of Antenatal check up of pregnant ladies .
Herbal Garden

Two herbal garden blocks with medicinal plants like Shatavari, Adulsa, Henna, Beeja, Dhup, Samudrashok, etc.are developed on the campus This year we have added some more like Guggulu, Meshashringi, betel leaves to it. Also various varieties of Tulasi like karpuratulasi, sabja which will be propagated in the years to come. Apart from this, we have herbs like lemongrass, Aloe Vera, Neem, Jamun all over the campus for use by residents.

Herbal formulations made in school

Chyawanprash which is an Amla based formulation is prepared in school along with amla candy and amla pachak.Ubatan or herbal bath scrub in the form of a powder is made in school and kept available for students and staff. Kadha or herbal tea is made in the Dining Hall every morning and evening for everyone.

Ayurveda medicines for treatment

Basic medicines like Sitopaladi churna, honey, Adulsa syrup are a part of the Dorm First aid kits. This year we have increased the use of Ayurvedic medicines in the treatment of acute and chronic problems for students and teachers. Documentation of cases treated with Ayurvedic medicines is planned.

Traditional medicine

Work has begun with local traditional Vaidu Shankar Dore to develop a traditional medicinal plants garden and the documentation of these traditional remedies.

Documentation work for plants on campus

Work is also on for creating a database of medicinal and other plants on campus with the help of the organisation Kalpavriksha.

Wild vegetables promotion and propagation

Work has begun for wild vegetable identification and documentation. Nursery for medicinal plants and cultivation is in the planning stage.

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