Gopal Bhosale

Gopal Bhosale, Campus Engineer, B.E. Civil (Pune University) Gopal has been working as a campus Engineer at Sahyadri for the last Eight years. His primary role is in project management of new constructions on the campus in addition to the campus and building maintenance.He appreciates the School culture which gives him freedom to work in …

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Sangita Chakraborty

Sangita Chakraborty.M.A.(Bengali Language and Literature, Calcutta University),B.Ed.(Graduating in June,2021-WBUTTEPA),B.Music and M.Music in Hindustani Classical Music (Bharatiya Nandanik Parishad),Sangeet Visharad in Hindustani Classical Music and Nazrul Geeti (Prachin Kala Kendra,Chandigarh). Sangita teaches and tries to cultivate the liking and passion for Hindustani classical music among students from the junior to the senior school.This includes introducing the …

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Smita Patil

Smita Patil

B. Sc. (Botany), M. A. (Marathi), B. Ed. Smita has been working at Sahyadri School since June 2006. She teaches Marathi and also helps and children with Learning Difficulties. She is inspired by the freedom she gets as a teacher and the beautiful ambience on the Campus. She has a special connection with the library, …

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Omana Santosh

Omana Santosh

BA Stenography Omana Santosh is the longest serving member of the school having served for more than 22 years at School. Having done number of duties in different departments of the School, presently is responsible for providing Secretarial assistance to the Principal and Administrative Officer. She is also responsible as Coordinator for admissions, Communications with …

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Dilip Shelar

B.A. & Stenography Dilip is carrying out the duties of Manager, Administrative Office. Responsible for smooth functioning of administration,guest house, transport, student and staff facilitation, event logistics etc. He has spent close to 20 years at Sahyadri. He joined the school as a young person with hardly any experience and has grown with School. He …

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Padmapriya Shirali

Padmapriya Shirali

Padmapriya is presently carrying out the duties of Principal. Padmapriya Shirali wandered into Economics, Geography, Computers, Environmental Studies, Telugu and Mathematics teaching in an adventurous phase of life. She is now firmly rooted in Mathematics education. She has a deep interest in the essential questions of life and is very fond of animals. She thrives …

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Deepa More

Deepa More

BTech, MS, MBA Coordinator, Rural Outreach and School Farms Deepa shares a deep love for trees, plants and all the components of natural world. Deepa is fascinated by the cyclic and inherently regenerative nature of the natural environment and constantly seeks to find applications of those in daily living and industrial applications. Trained as a …

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Madhavi Talwalkar

Madhavi Talwalkar

Madhavi Talwalkar B Sc. B Ed. M A Madhavi teaches Mathematics and English in the junior school. She has also been a dorm parent to junior girls for three years, and senior girls for three years. She loves to explore the campus with the children and engage with them over ideas, which ensures each teaching …

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Madhuparna Choudhury Science Graduate, Montessori, TTC, CIDTT, B.Ed (studying) Madhuparna Akka teaches English(PSI), EVS, Maths(PSI) at Sahyadri School. She loves its picturesque surroundings and some of the School’s  ideas about developing oneself.

Dr Pradnya Virnak

Pradnya Virnak

Dr Pradnya Virnak, BAMS Pradnya has been Sahyadri’s Medical Officer for 10 years and a part of the Dining Hall committee and Land Care Group for all the years that she’s been here. She has also taught Middle School for a couple of years and now is teaching junior school students. Currently, she is also …

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